Mission, Values Honor and Principle


CSTC’s Philosophy is anchored on the fundamental principle of the institutions’ Founder, President and CEO, Nelson D. Mendoza, Ph.D. to wit;

“Believing in anything is the first step in making things possible.”


CSTC envision to become a top transformational learning community and center of excellence for academic proficiency, intellectual learning, technical competency and professional expertise.


CSTC is committed to its Four-Fold Mission: Knowledge Enrichment, Skills Development, Character Enhancement, and Employment Assistance.

CSTC’s Quality Standard is defined in its ultimate goal: BESTFORMS.

  • B – Building and enhancing systems to support the efficiency and effectiveness of developing a student-centered institution that develops and fosters the talents of its students and prepares them to make a positive contribution to society.
  • E – Excellence in Communications through academic provision, research, and campus extension, by being an international exemplar in the advancement in technical vocational, industrial, technological and professional education, thus becoming
  • S – Science-centered that will transform and elevate the experience of every CSTCian and
  • T – Technology-based school innovations which contribute to quality education for all while promoting a more equal and effective education system by
  • F – Fostering exemplary character and values through skills, education and training, and cultural innovation.
  • O – Offering and recognizing new opportunities for personal and professional growth and making changes required in
  • R – Responding to the needs of the 21st century learners to become change agents for embedding 21st century knowledge and skills in accordance with local, national, and global standards, thus
  • M – Molding individuals in becoming builders to the demands of a local, national, and global society through
  • S – Sharing responsibility for the sustainable development of CALABARZON and the country.


  • C – Continuous Commitment that encourages an unfettered exchange of ideas, with civility and respect, and the empowerment of all individuals
  • S – Social Responsibility at local, national and global levels
  • T – Transformational Learning Experience through immersion of the students in an intensive interdisciplinary learning environment
  • C – Culturally responsive which is rooted and grows in creative thought, inquiry, and self –discovery.
  • I – Integrity and commitment to maintain the good name of the college
  • A – Accountability for individual and organizational quality performance
  • N – Nationalism through tangible contribution to the rapid economic growth of the country
  • S – Shared responsibility, hard work, and resourcefulness in compliance to the mandates of the college


  • The YEAR 1991 represents the founding of the institution in humble beginnings as a Computer Literacy Program provider and the ushering of the realization of a vision.
  • The FOUR WINGS represent the Four-Fold Mission of CSTC: Knowledge Enrichment, Skills Development, Character Enhancement, and Employment Assistance.
  • The LAUREL depicts the school’s standard of Excellence and Competence.
  • The BOLD CSTC illustrates the fearless and bold commitment of CSTC to rise to the challenge of times.
  • The RING underneath the name of the school symbolizes infinity, which is depictive of the school’s unending and continuous and dedication to serve and deliver the best.


The existence of the CSTC College of Sciences, Technology and Communications, Inc. depends on the relevance of its programs to the community and clientele, the dynamism it pursues in customer satisfaction, the quality of interactions with industry linkages and its ability to meet challenges and effect changes based on factual and skill long-range planning.