Our Mission


CSTC’s Philosophy is anchored on the fundamental principle of the institution’s Founder, President and CEO, Sir Nelson D. Mendoza, to wit:
“Believing in anything is the first step in making things possible.”


CSTC envisions to become a top transformational learning community and center of excellence for academic proficiency, intellectual learning, technical competency and professional expertise.


CSTC is committed to its Four-Fold Mission: Knowledge Enrichment, Skills Development, Character Enhancement, and Employment Assistance.
CSTC’s Quality Standard is defined in its ultimate goal: BESTFORMS.
CSTC seeks to deliver the BEST in…

  • Behavioral Example so that students can BE the best
  • Educational Enrichment so that students can KNOW the best.
  • Service Excellence so that students can OFFER the best
  • Technological Expertise so that students can DO the best.

CSTC seeks to maintain cause-oriented FORMS by…

  • Fostering high standards of professionalism
  • Offering opportunities for personal and career growth.
  • Responding to the call and challenges of global competitiveness.
  • Motivating teachers and students towards excellence.
  • Sustaining an environment for innovation and creativity.


To effectively achieve its vision and fulfill its mission, CSTC is being guided by a set of Core Values that FORMS its ideals. The core values that shape the standards of the school are: Learning, Innovation, Excellence, Responsiveness and Leadership.

    CSTC is about learning- about providing opportunities to learn and assisting and enabling all those who come to the institution in achieving personal enrichment through learning. CSTC supports research initiatives and interrogation of research and teaching so that its students can both profit from, and participate in, the development of new knowledge and discoveries.
    CSTC as an educational institution approaches the complexities of its time with responsive and innovation approaches to education. CSTC offers a modern and updated curriculum and utilizes advanced technologies and innovative methods in teaching. Much of the CSTC research is at the intellectual frontier, with the ultimate goal of generating tangible returns to society.
    CSTC strives for excellence in the fundamental roles of the teaching, research and student service. CSTC recognizes the technical and professional expertise of its students as the ultimate measure of excellence.
    CSTC’s program and course offerings are based on the needs and preferences of students, the community and society. In addition, CSTC is committed to contribute to the global challenge of economic development.
    CSTC applies to the intellectual and moral leadership in society. This is the role which the institution earns, through the rigorous development of its ideas, the integrity of its actions, the effectiveness of the service it provides, and the institutional respect it commands within the community. CSTC seeks to develop and foster leadership qualities in the students.


  • The YEAR 1991 represents the founding of the institution in humble beginnings as Computer Literacy Program provider, and the ushering of the realization of a vision.
  • The FOUR WINGS represent the Four-Fold Mission of CSTC: Knowledge Enrichment, Skills Development, Character Enhancement and Employment Assistance.
  • The LAUREL depicts the school’s standard of Excellence and Competence.
  • The BOLD CSTC illustrates the fearless and bold commitment of CSTC to rise to the challenge of times.
  • The RING underneath the name of the school symbolizes infinity, which is depictive of the school’s unending and continuous and dedication to serve and deliver the best.